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Cadac PowerPak

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1 209 Kč 1 539 Kč 1 539 Kč od 1 209 Kč 999,17 Kč bez DPH 1 271,90 Kč bez DPH 1 271,90 Kč bez DPH od 999,17 Kč bez DPH
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The Cadac Trio Power Pak and the Cadac Dual Power Pak make gas bottles unnecessary. The Power Paks are lightweight, compact and easy to use. Hose and pressure regulator are included. Once you insert the gas cartridges into the Power Pak, the liquid gas supplies your camping appliance or grill. The universal screw connection at the end of the hose has a 1/4 "BSP" left-hand thread so that the Dual Power Pak or the Trio Power Pak can be used with all camping stoves or grill brands.

Trio Power Pak:

  • Powered by 3 nozzle valve cartridges, each with a 220 g bayonet lock  (not included). This amount of gas supplies a small appliance or a grill for approx. 7 hours.
  • With removable back cover. If the cover is removed, the 3 cartridges can be inserted into the valve and fastened.
  • All 3 cartridges supply gas simultaneously, which is especially beneficial in cold weather.

Dual Power Pak:

  • Powered by 2 x 445 g or 500 g EN417 thread cartridges (not included)
  • Each cartridge can be inserted individually and all cartridges supply the appliance with gas.
  • 1 kg can supply a small grill with gas for approx. 10 hours

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